The History of Brewton Medical Center, LLC

The Brewton Medical Center was founded in August, 1956 by Frank Phillipi, MD, Robert E. Low, MD, Emile O. Scharnitzky, MD and Eric Strandell, MD all of whom believed they could best serve the healthcare needs of the Brewton Community if they worked together as a group. The Brewton Medical Center was first located at 1311 McMillan Ave in Brewton directly behind D. W. McMillan Memorial Hospital. It was at this location that the professional ranks grew to six physicians with Family Medicine being its primary concern. Obstetric and Gynecological services were added in 1988.

The Medical Center moved to its current state of the art location at 1121 Belleville Avenue in April, 1998. Then in 1999 Pediatric and Cardiology Services were added. Its professional staff has grown to 9 full time physicians: Six family physicians: Dr. Elizabeth Low, Dr. Joe F. Terrell, Dr. William H. Whittle, Dr. Isabel Villarreal, Dr. Aaron Morgan, Dr. Scott Moore; and 2 OB/Gyns: Dr. James Walker and Dr. Melissa Heath.

Additionally Ms. Lisa Hoehn CRNP (Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner) joined the Medical Center full-time in 2012 and provides services in Pediatrics.

Mamie "Paula" Kennedy joined the Medical Center in 2015 and provides services in the Family Practice under Dr. Aaron Morgan.

Brewton Medical Center also welcomes visiting specialists that see patients upon referral: Berryhill Orthopedics, Cardiology Consultants, SEC Lung, Bayside Orthopedics, Southeast Vascular, Medical Center Clinic, Nephrology Associates of Gulf Coast, and Renalus Center for Kidney Care.
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