Brewton Medical Center News

The Brewton Medical Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Loduca M.D. has joined the staff at the Brewton Medical Center as a Pediatrician and will begin seeing patients in February 2016.

Dr. Loduca will hold clinic in the office vacated by Dr. Marina Thompson and will begin seeing patients the week of February 15, 2016.

Dr. Loduca joins the Brewton staff after serving as a pediatric hematologist/oncologist in Columbus, GA. Dr. Loduca is a graduate of Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine in Chicago, Ill. Dr. Loduca completed in residency at the University of Florida Pediatric Residency Program in Gainesville, FL in 2007 and has been practicing for the last 8 years in general pediatrics and specialty.

The physicians and staff of the Brewton Medical Center look forward to Dr. Loduca beginning a long and prosperous practice on our community.